Energy healing works well in conjunction with many other healing modalities including acupuncture, chiropractic, therapeutic massage, meditation, yoga, Reiki, psychotherapy, homeopathy, naturopathy, and even allopathic medicine to name a few. Combining energy healing with any of these or other holistic modalities can amplify the effectiveness and results of both. Here's an example of what I mean as it relates to meditation.

For years I tried various types of meditation practice but ultimately abandoned them when they only seemed to exacerbate my 'monkey mind' challenges. Then I was guided to this post about Kirtan Kriya meditation by Dr. Kelly Brogan and decided to give it a try. And I'm so glad I did, because I've finally found a practice that's a good fit for me–and bonus: it's enhanced my energy healing skills as well as my personal healing results!

Here's what I've experienced so far in 7 weeks of daily practice:

On several occasions I've had huge releases of long buried trauma and pain. One time it bubbled up as I sat through the whole meditation with tears streaming down my face, and on two other occasions I was full out sobbing through the entire practice. It felt as though blocks to feeling and releasing this old pain just dissolved and I was able to allow it to flow into me and then sit with it until it was transmuted. These were very cathartic experiences that ultimately helped me reintegrate some dissociated parts of self.

On another occasion, immediately following my meditation I was transported to a past life experience as an indigenous woman grieving the loss of my man. I felt a huge release of some very old, heavy energy as I allowed myself to sit with the grief and sorrow carried over from that past life, and ultimately was able to let it flow through me and be transmuted.

As someone who does healing work, of course I was thrilled to release these big chunks of old, negative energy (including the toxins washed out with all the tears) as it constituted a big step forward in my personal healing journey. However I realize the idea of purging old emotional energy may not sound like the most appealing activity to most people, but I think it's worth considering that from a big picture (energetic) perspective, all our old buried 'gunk' is what's at the root of our most challenging issues: pain, chronic illness, depression, anxiety, relationship problems and so on. So clearing it is key to true healing.

Anyway, while these meditation experiences have been significant and received with utmost gratitude, most days the meditation is completely mundane and involves constantly bringing my focus back to the breathing, chanting, visualization and finger mudras (monkey mind never goes away completely, but this meditation keeps it better occupied than any other I've found).

I've learned that even when it doesn't seem that anything is happening, clearly something is because I've also noticed that my intuition, insight, and clarity have increased, my connection to Higher Self is stronger, and I'm experiencing much more synchronicity and flow in life. Often during practice I get a 'fizzing' sensation in my brain accompanied by a sense that previously unused areas are being activated, that the 2 hemispheres are being balanced, and that everything is being upgraded and optimized.

I missed one day of practice a few weeks back and noticed a marked difference in how I felt that day physically, mentally and emotionally. So the bottom line for me........the benefits I'm experiencing are well worth the 12 minutes a day!

I invite you to share your experience of Kirtan Kriya or other types of meditation in the comments section below.

Love and Light,

Links to information and resources referenced in this post:
If you feel drawn to try Kirtan Kriya you can find free, guided meditations on YouTube. I was led to start with this slower one, and have recently switched to this much faster version. If you're not sure what type of meditation will best fit, you can also find some online quizzes like this one that may be helpful. And of course always follow your inner guidance about what's best for you!

Kirtan Kriya Meditation Instructions
​'Kundalini Yoga: Change Your Life in 12 Minutes a Day'
By Dr. Kelly Brogan

Monkey Mind
'Thanks Mind. You Can Go Now'
By Dr. Kelly Brogan

Kirtan Kriya Guided Meditations
Slow chant version:

Fast chant version:

Types of Meditation
'Types of Meditation–An Overview of 23 Meditation Techniques'
By Giovanni

Benefit of Tears
'7 Good Reasons to Cry: The Healing Property of Tears'
By Therese J. Borchard

Which Type of Meditation Is Right for You Quiz
Meditation for Non Meditators
​Recently I worked on a client's 11-year-old son. It was the first time I'd ever done a session for him and there was nothing unusual about it—just typical clearing of negative energies. Afterwards his mom contacted me to say that a few days after the session her son confided that a group of kids at school had been bullying him for the last 2 years (she had no idea) and he couldn't understand why they suddenly–for no apparent reason–just stopped (she hadn't told him about the energy healing work).

I love this story because it's a great example of the 'miracles' possible when we raise our vibrational frequency and start attracting higher vibrating people and circumstances, thereby causing positive shifts in our overall life experience.

It makes me smile every time I think of how different this boy's life will be now that he can go to school without worrying about being bullied every day!

I sure do LOVE my work!!
'Healing yourself is connected with healing others.'
~Yoko Ono

I'd like to share a personal story to illustrate how energy work can support deep healing and facilitate spiritual growth.

I grew up in a very dysfunctional family in which my father was the perpetrator of many forms of abuse. This experience provided lots of healing work for me to do, and over the years I made great progress and eventually managed to create a good and happy life.

However, I always had a sense there was a deeper level of healing I couldn't access while my father was still alive. And it turns out my intuition was right because about a week after he died last month at age 92, I woke up to discover shingles on my right breast. I knew it was related to his passing and that another layer of healing was now accessible.

For several days I did energy work on myself, clearing all kinds of 'dark' energies that were connected to my father like curses, implants, programs, entities and post-hypnotic suggestion.

After clearing all these dark energies, I continued doing daily sessions on myself. Of course there was a lot of crying (great way to release toxins!) as old buried wounds, traumas and emotions came up.

Soon I started having flashback images of my younger self at various ages and saw how alone, scared, abandoned, and ashamed she felt. I was then guided through a deep soulful process that involved communicating with, validating, comforting and embracing each of these younger selves. Then one by one I invited them into my heart chakra to reclaim and reintegrate these lost parts of me.

During this process, as often happens during energy healing work, I was guided to some actions in support of my physical healing:
  • Keeping the affected area covered with a poultice of Manuka honey and aloe vera gel 24/7, and changing the dressing at least 4 times daily.
  • Infusing purified water with the vibrational frequency to 'eliminate shingles' and drinking 1 ounce 4 times daily.
  • Eating lots of foods that are healing for shingles like wild blueberries, pears, red apples, bananas, coconut, spinach and sweet potatoes (see the book Medical Medium by Anthony Williams).
This was very deep and intense work and I'm pleased with the results—the shingles were gone in 12 days! As an added bonus I feel lighter, more openhearted, grounded and connected to my higher self.

Will there be more work for me to do on this issue? Probably —and if so I'll be grateful for the opportunity of an even deeper healing.
Clients often ask me what they can do between sessions to support their healing process, or what they can do on a day-to-day basis to empower their spiritual growth, or how to handle the chaotic energies we're currently experiencing on the planet.

We're all so busy these days it can be challenging to make time for good self-care—and yet in these crazy times it's even more critical that we do so.

I've put together a list of ideas for things you can do to help your body heal, reconnect to your Spirit, and navigate the turmoil of our current world.

Many of these things are about raising awareness—for example noticing your state of mind, thoughts and feelings—which doesn't really require extra time, but rather just paying closer attention to what's already going on within you.

Most of the suggestions involving an activity don't require more than 5 minutes—for example 5 minutes spent practicing mindful breathing, or praying, or meditating, or grounding yourself, or writing in a gratitude journal can be of enormous benefit to your health and wellbeing.

I have a feeling this list will continue to grow over time, but here are some ideas to get you started:
  1. Practice self-compassion
  2. Smile
  3. Sing
  4. Dance
  5. Let go of expectations, 'pictures' and judgments about the outcome or thing you seek
  6. Use your feelings as a guide to identify habitual negative thoughts—and then begin to transform them
  7. Does your brain constantly (probably unconsciously) scan for 'what's wrong' (e.g. look for problems, things not to your liking, unpleasant people or situations)? Make a conscious choice to scan for 'what's right'.
  8. Spend some time with a child or an animal--we can learn a lot from them about being totally present in the moment
  9. Allowing yourself to feel your feelings will change your life
  10. Have a good cry to detox stress hormones
  11. Do movements like Yoga, Rebounding, 5 Tibetan Rites, Tai Chi, or Qigong to move stagnant energy out of your body
  12. Let go of any victim mentality. You are the creator of your life–take responsibility.
  13. Eat whole, clean food
  14. Drink plenty of pure water to avoid dehydration
  15. Take baths with Himalayan or Epsom salts and essential oils
  16. Pay attention your body's need for extra rest
  17. Practice mindful breathing
  18. Get outside for some fresh air and sunshine
  19. Ground yourself
  20. Choose to let go of resistance to 'what is'
  21. Practice gratitude
  22. Help someone
  23. Read a book that ignites your passion, or some inspirational quotes
  24. Choose flow versus force
  25. Use your feelings as a guide for managing the information and energy you allow into your space (e.g. eliminate or limit TV, mainstream media, negative people………..etc.)
  26. Find sources of information that uplift, inspire and fuel your passion*
  27. Cultivate compassion for those who seemingly have none (extra credit for sending them LOVE!)
  28. Meditate or Pray
  29. Become an expert at visualizing what you what to manifest
  30. Be an optimist
  31. Make your health and spiritual growth a priority--schedule regular energy healing sessions when you need extra support or healing assistance

*Sources of Positive Information:
Daily Good
The Optimist
Yes! Magazine
Uplift Connect

If you have a self-care practice or source of positive information not listed, please share in the comments section below!

​Love, light and blessings..........

About 3 months ago I started working with an overweight diabetic woman whose diet was dangerously unhealthy for her condition. She was tired all the time and felt depressed and unmotivated to make changes.

After having her heart wall removed, she began feeling lighter and happier. And then as often happens, she began to 'see with new eyes'—meaning she started seeing possibility and opportunity where she previously saw neither.

For example, she intuitively felt drawn to contact an old friend living in another state whom she hadn't talked to for some time. They ended up making a pact to support each other in some lifestyle changes, which in my client's case included a healthy diet appropriate for her condition.

Now just over a month later she's already lost 30 pounds!

In addition, she reports that people and situations which used to trigger anxiety, stress, depression and feelings of unworthiness no longer upset her.

WOW........I'm impressed, inspired, and so very proud of her!!

……….or you're already in a relationship with a man but want a deeper connection—you might want to check out this book. And if you're not interested in marriage, don't let the title put you off because there's still lots of valuable information to be had!

'Why You're Not Married…Yet'
by Tracy McMillan

I first heard of Tracy on an episode of Super Soul Sunday and loved her insights and wisdom about male / female relationships. I ended up reading her book and highly recommend it if you answer yes to any of the following:

· You desire a loving, spiritual partnership with a man.

· You have a history of unhappy / unsuccessful relationships with men.

· You suspect you may have some issues that contributed to the failure of past relationships.

· You've pretty much given up hope of ever finding the 'right' man.

This book will open your eyes to a new level of consciousness and awareness about your role in relationship, and it clearly explains what you need to do in order to have the relationship you desire.

I like how each chapter is organized to include:

· A description of typical issues many women have that contribute to relationship failure—and what each issue is really about.

· Examples of how these issues typically manifest in a relationship.

· Very helpful insights into the male perspective in relationship.

· How modifying your behavior is a game-changer, and how this is part of a bigger spiritual journey.

Tracy's writing is very easy-to-read, direct and insightful with a twist of humor. Her own story is inspirational—and her advice on how to create a spiritual partnership with a man is full of wisdom garnered from her own experiences.

I'll admit it—I'm a chocoholic. So when I gave up sugar I was really missing chocolate, but then I found this easy 3-ingredient recipe for 'raw chocolate bark', and once again all is right with the world!

This has now become my go-to chocolate, and I don't even miss the store bought stuff—plus this has the many health benefits of coconut oil and cocoa.


Easy Raw Chocolate Bark

½ cup organic virgin coconut oil, softened (but NOT melted!)

½ cup organic cocoa powder

2 teaspoons organic honey (or to taste)

  • Combine ingredients in a large bowl and mix together well. I do this by hand using a spoonula—takes a bit of elbow grease, but trust me…….it'll be worth it!
  • Taste to adjust sweetness if desired, then add any additional ingredients.
  • Line a flat plate or platter with parchment paper (I use the tray from my toaster oven). Transfer chocolate mixture to tray and smooth out with spatula or back of a large spoon. You can also use your fingers / hands to smooth, but work quickly as the warmth of your skin will start to melt the coconut oil.
  • Immediately place in the freezer to set for at least 20 minutes, then you can either cut into bite-sized pieces with a knife, or try a pizza cutter. Alternatively you can just break into pieces with your hands.
  • Store in an airtight container and serve (or eat!) frozen, directly from the freezer (coconut oil starts to soften and melt above 76 degrees).
  • Here are a few tips and suggestions:
Make sure your coconut oil is softened, but not melted—if melted it separates from the cocoa powder.

I use raw organic honey, which takes a bit more work to mix in.

I haven't tried it, but apparently people have successfully substituted Stevia for honey.

Get creative with additions! My favorite is chopped raw almonds (sometimes I lightly toast them). I've also added crushed, freeze-dried raspberries. You might also try chopped, dried fruit. Next batch I'm going to try adding a couple drops of essential oil of peppermint!


'The Detoxinista….healthy living is easier than you think'
Original recipe by Megan

'Coconut Oil: This Cooking Oil Is a Powerful Virus-Destroyer and Antibiotic'
By Dr. Joseph Mercola

'How to Help Your Thyroid with Coconut Oil'
By Dr. Joseph Mercola

'The Rich Benefits of Eating Chocolate'
By Dr. Joseph Mercola

If you're looking for a healthy fix for your sweet tooth, try these gluten-free, sugar-free, easy-to-make cookies (I don't even measure the ingredients!).

Here's how to make them:

Peel and slice 4 large ripe bananas into a bowl and mash them up well (it's okay if there are some small chunks).

Add up to 2 cups of gluten-free quick rolled oats*. The amount of oats needed depends on the size of bananas used.

Stir together until oats are well incorporated with bananas (I use a spoonula for mixing). You want a consistency that's moist yet holds together well—much like regular cookie dough except maybe a tad moister.

You can add extras at this point and here are some I've tried in various combinations and can definitely recommend. Feel free to get creative with your extras! If not adding extras, skip ahead to the next step.

· Chopped walnut pieces (add a handful)

· Raisins (add a handful)

· Cinnamon (1 or 2 teaspoons)

· Chocolate chips (add a handful) Delicious, but of course this addition nullifies the 'sugar-free' aspect!

Fold in extras (don't add too many or the dough won't hold together well).

Line a large cookie sheet with parchment paper (alternatively you can grease the cookie sheet very well—if going this route I'd use coconut oil). Don't skip this step or you'll be sorry—the cookies will stick like crazy and your cookie sheet will be very hard to clean!

Drop the dough by heaping tablespoons onto prepared cookie sheet. These cookies will not spread out when they bake, so you can place them close together (I fit about 24 cookies on the sheet). I smash each mound down a little and shape them a bit because however they look when you drop them on the cookie sheet is exactly how they'll look when they come out of the oven.

Bake at 350º for about 15 minutes until cookies are firm to the touch. They will not brown up like regular cookies, but don't worry—they may look a bit strange but they taste delicious!

Eat them warm from the oven, or once cooled store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

This recipe was adapted from the one noted in 'Resources' below. Check out this link for pictures and additional helpful tips.

*You can also use regular quick cooking oats if you're not concerned about gluten-free, but either way you definitely want to use quick-cook as opposed to regular oats.


This recipe was adapted from: Two Ingredient Cookie Recipes @ The Burlap Bag

Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Quick Rolled Oats:


About a year ago I ditched commercial shampoos and conditioners completely and started making my own using a couple simple ingredients—baking soda for shampoo, and apple cider vinegar for conditioner. Yes, that's right!

If this sounds a bit crazy, you're probably wondering why in the world I'd give up regular shampoo and conditioner for plain old baking soda and stinky vinegar.

The main reason was that I wanted to avoid the toxins and chemicals found in most commercial shampoos and conditioners.

Did you know that some products labeled 'natural' or 'organic' actually contain dangerous ingredients, including things like a known carcinogen called 1,4-Dioxane? In fact some products that claim to be organic actually contain a very small amount of organic ingredients.

And did you know that chemicals absorbed through your skin are far more dangerous to your health than chemicals ingested through food or water? This is because your digestive system breaks down chemicals and toxins and then, as best it can, flushes them out of the body. However the same harmful chemicals applied to your skin get absorbed directly into your blood stream, ultimately making their way to your organs.

Of course there are some wonderful, truly pure products out there—but they're not always easy to find, and they can be expensive. So cost and convenience were also factors in my decision to 'go rogue' with hair products. And for me, it's just plain fun to mix up my own potions!

These homemade products are so easy to mix and use, and they work at least as well as, if not better than, any commercial products I've tried.

Some reported benefits of using baking soda 'shampoo' include:

· Clarify hair and scalp (removes chlorine discoloration and residue from hairspray, gel, conditioners, etc.)

· Doesn't strip natural oils (when you first start using it, hair may be either oily or dry for several weeks until your scalp adjusts)

· Add volume

· Eliminate dandruff / itchiness

If you'd like to give it a try, here's how I make my baking soda 'shampoo':

· 2 Tbsp baking soda (good quality like Bob's Red Mill)

· 2 cups water (either filtered or distilled water).

· A few drops essential oil such as lavender or rosemary (optional)

Put in a jar and shake until the baking soda is completely dissolved (it will pretty much look just like water) then pour into a squeeze bottle—perhaps your old rinsed out shampoo bottle!

To use, wet hair, shake bottle, then squeeze 'shampoo' onto scalp starting at crown, and adding more as you work around head, massaging into scalp and through hair (if your hair is dry, skip working it through hair as it can be drying).

Of course it's not going to suds up like regular shampoo, but you'll get used to that. Leave it on for a couple minutes and then rinse well.

I follow with a conditioning rinse of apple cider vinegar, benefits of which include:

· Balances hair's PH level

· Eliminates dandruff

· Tames frizz

· Adds volume and shine

To try the vinegar rinse………..

Just mix up 1 part organic apple cider vinegar with 4 parts water (filtered or distilled) in another squeeze bottle

Optional: add some essential oils like rosemary, lemon or lavender. In addition to their therapeutic benefits, essential oils will help neutralize the strong vinegar smell. Vinegar can darken blonde hair over time, so to counter this effect you can add some chamomile or lemon essential oil (check out the article 'Natural Hair Care' below for additional essential oil suggestions).

Be sure to tilt your head back so the vinegar doesn't get in your eyes, then squeeze onto scalp, massaging in and working through to ends of hair. Let sit for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly (don't worry, the smell rinses out well).

Then just style your hair as you normally would.

You can use this baking soda and vinegar routine in place of your old shampoo and conditioner, or just use it occasionally for deep cleansing and clarifying.

There's lots of information on the Internet about baking soda 'shampoo' and vinegar 'conditioner', so I encourage exploration of different recipes and techniques. As with anything, this routine will work well for some people but not others. Fortunately there's an easy way to determine if it's right for you—just ask your subconscious and then muscle test for the answer (or ask your practitioner to check for you)!



Do You Know What's In Your Shampoo?

EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

Natural Hair Care: Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar

I'd like to share a heartwarming story that's a perfect example of why I love being an Emotion Code practitioner. It's about one of my clients who gave her father an amazing gift of healing with The Emotion Code. She and her two teenagers have all been experiencing amazing things as a result of our sessions (stay tuned for more about their results in future articles). So when her 97-year old father's health began failing, my client asked me to do a session for him so that he could pass peacefully.

Before her father's first session, his kidneys had begun to shut down and his ankles and feet were painfully swollen. He had extreme hearing loss, but had given up using his hearing aid and was very frustrated and upset that he could no longer hear at all. He was also wheezing badly with every breath.

When my client saw her father after his first session, she said he had a huge grin on his face and seemed totally calm and peaceful. Here's her post session feedback:

'What a beautiful gift you have given my father, my siblings, his wife, and me. I can't even begin to express what a kind and gentle soul my father is. After my mother died, my father was left to raise 5 children ranging in age from 8 months to 8 years. This lifetime truly has been one of total sacrifice for him, and yet he never once complained about how hard his life was. He just soldiered through it with kindness, love and respect for all. And while it makes me so sad to let him go, I now know I can do it with peace in my heart. Thank you for this amazing gift!'

Well, my client ended up being so impressed with her father's improvement after one session that she decided to gift him another. After the 2nd session, his wheezing and the swelling in his ankles improved significantly. Then he asked to try his hearing aid again—and for the first time in a very long while, he and his daughter were able to have a real conversation. Here's her feedback after his second session:

'Thanks so much for all of this great work!!! Wow, and the ancestral work is amazing. What a gift to be able to relieve him of some of his ancestral burden before he dies. God blessed all of his kids with an extraordinary father, and thanks to your amazing work (and Dr. Nelson's ground breaking work, of course), I feel like I have finally given my father a small piece of the gift that he gave to us, and that he so deserved in this lifetime. I can't thank you enough for this!'

As this article goes to print, her father continues to do well, which I think proves that we're never too old to experience the healing powers of this work!

June 2015 Update
My client's father is now 99 years old, and I recently received this message from her:

"My father continues on, thankfully without any pain. Every day when I visit I try to bring him something interesting, which has evolved into the most incredible family experience. Because my father has been deaf all of his grandkids' lives, he has never really gotten to know them on a very personal level. So not too long ago, I started telling him about each kid. I do this by writing everything on a white board. The idea has caught on and recently each kid began writing my father the most precious stories about themselves and how his beautiful spirit has influenced their lives. This has been the most incredible process of watching souls connect. Cj, I have to say that without all of your amazing work and support with us, I know in my heart of hearts that this transition for my father would not be such a beautiful process. So once again, I'm sending you a heartfelt thank you for being such an incredible energy worker and friend!"