Is Energy Healing Right For You?

Approximately 93% of my clients report positive results—either complete resolution or significant improvement of their condition(s).

While there are no guarantees, people who have the best results typically approach our work together with an open mind and an understanding that the condition for which they seek help took time to develop and therefore will likely take more than just one session before they start to experience significant improvement. On the other hand, those who have a closed mind, are skeptical, or an expectation of a 'miracle cure' in one session will most likely be disappointed.

While symptoms do sometimes resolve after just one session, energy healing is subtle so in most cases it will initially take at least a few sessions before you start seeing significant results. It also has a cumulative effect that builds over time, which means you don't want to wait too long between sessions and lose the healing momentum we're building. Usually after several sessions you start seeing results like feeling lighter (as if a 'weight' has been lifted), happier, and pain starts to lessen or resolve.

Think of it this way—rather than going from doctor to doctor, or prescription to prescription, or just trying to live with your pain………why not try energy healing to address and heal the root cause of your condition?

Just schedule a FREE phone consultation and we'll discuss whether energy healing is right for you.

Here are some examples of issues energy healing has helped:

Acid Reflux • Acne • ADD/ADHD • Allergies • Anxiety • Asthma • Autoimmune Diseases • Bullying • Carpal Tunnel • Constipation • Depression • Diabetes • Digestive Problems • Eating Disorders • Fibromyalgia • Headaches • Healthy Love Relationships • Infertility • Insomnia • Morning Sickness • Pain (physical or emotional) • Panic Attacks • Phobias • PTSD • Sinus Problems • Skin Problems • Vertigo

'After our last session I have to say I am fearless! Anytime any ounce of doubt comes up, something within my gut totally shuts out that little voice. I feel confident and strong within myself, like I totally trust and know I am being supported and guided by the Universe. Also, I did my first hand paintings on Wednesday. I was very compelled to do it and I felt wonderful afterwards. Needless to say I am very happy with what has happened so far and am grateful that the Universe brought you to me! '
B.R., Texas
'I felt much lighter after our session, plus it greatly helped with my dermatitis.'
H.F., Illinois
"Things are going FANTASTIC! Can't tell you what a difference getting rid of the 'black cloud' can do for a girl! :-) Don't have that heavy feeling like I'm dragging 1,000 pounds – and I swear everything I touch turns to gold. Life is GREAT!"
G.C., Texas
"CJ has made such a difference! I feel much lighter and more open now, and most recently she eliminated some pain due to slipped discs in my neck that I had had for four months. Sometimes the results are more subtle and other times, as with my neck, the results are immediate. She is a treasure!"
M.H., Connecticut